Sheepie Hair Cut

We attended the annual Gore Place Sheep Shearing Festival at the end of April. Here's our report:

We call this video "I like your hair cut!"

This is the Gore Mansion built in the early 1800's by Governor Gore in Waltham, MA.

Edie got to plant some sunflower seeds.

Her favorite thing, however, was to watch the "horsies running".

My favorite thing was to watch the rebels marching. Nate wasn't quite as impressed as I was.

There was also a magician, kettle corn, live folk music, a dog show (collies), and homemade strawberry ice cream.

So we think our kids are cute.

Best Friends Forever

To appreciate the beautiful New England springtime and to revive a hardworking man spending day after day in a windowless cubicle, our family has started a weekly hiking tradition.
Here's Edie.
(There were no bugs harmed in the making of this video.)

This video could probably make even the most hardhearted heart melt, were it not for the obnoxious baby talk of yours truly. Try to look past it and capture the essence and beauty of a 2 month old's smile.

Our good friends, the MacDonalds, came over the other night. Here are Max and Edie playing house, I guess.
Edie's up with the baby again.
P.S. This is her NEW TODDLER BED! She off the floor now!

Party Central

Our party started with the arrival of Jess on April 1 from Provo (P-town, for all you locals). Can you believe she looked like this just after her red eye flight? She makes me sick!
We did things like go to Walden Pond,take a tour of Salem
(We found this witch tied to a pole. Can you believe they still do stuff like that?),
visit the Friendship replica
and lighthouse
(It was so windy on the way back it made us cry! Can you see Jess's tear?).

Then the party REALLY got... exciting. The kids came! They brought Ana too! Their family actually drove here from Fishers, IN!

Here's our photo shoot with Maddy, Kaden, Kalia, and Edie after Jess had cut everyone's hair:

We got to walk half of the Freedom Trail and get Mike's Pastries.

And, of course, we visited the Water Show.

And the kids played and played and played. We had a blast!

One night, Nate headed off the first annual Boat Race...or should I say Battleship Showdown.
All the kids (and Nate) designed and made paper boats.

This is Nate's:

I'll let you watch and see what happens.

How many of you think cub scouts is the perfect calling for Nate?

I'm so proud of myself for finishing this post. I've been meaning to do it forever! We're so glad Jess and the Smith's could come! And now we know our way around the area a little better, so if any of you are thinking you'd like to come this way, we can show you around!

It sure us quiet at our house now :(

Oh yeah, and Jess got a comb stuck in Maddy's hair during General Conference.
Nate had to cut it out.