A Weekend Trip to Moab

The telephone rang. It was Jason Tang. I usually don't think twice about Jason calling; Nate and Jason have frequent girl-like conversations on the phone. But this was to be no ordinary chat. This was an invite to the great, red Moab...the day before the trip.

Luckily, Nate was up for it. He seemed more than willing to put off his thesis for one more weekend. We drove down the next day with our car packed full of equipment. This was to be Edie's first campout and we...ok, I...was a little nervous. The Tangs were able to find this luxury canopy for us to share. There was also a pool, bathroom, water, etc.

The babies fell in love with the gravel right away. Edie thrived off trying to dine on the little pebbles. Why can't she be more like Ashlyn?

After we ate two packs of hot dogs and got the babies to sleep, the adults were free to play a wild game of skip-bo. We're not as young as we used to be, though. We didn't last very long.

Although we attempted to leave our campsite and start our hike early in the morning before the heat set in, we didn't get out of the campsite until about 11. This meant we didn't start our hike until 1 p.m., the hottest time of the day. We were worried our car would melt away while we were out walking around. Edie got, how do I say this, a little fussy...maybe because of the heat, maybe because she hadn't had a nap. She would only calm down when she was either wearing or threatening to throw my sunglasses.

We made it to Delicate Arch despite extreme conditions. A lot of other hikers gave us disgusted looks for torturing our babies. But we think it's good for them to be a little tortured every once in a while. Here's a group shot of the Tangs and Knoebels.

I'm posting this picture as a tribute to Nate and to show how manly he is carrying his load.
After resting for quite a while, we bravely ventured on the hike back to our car. We found no protection from the sun or blistering heat while walking.

Somehow, Ashlyn fell asleep. We noticed her dangling and swaying over the edge of the backpack. It must have been Jason's graceful hiking techniques.

We all survived, loved it, and enjoyed smoothies shortly after. This was a great closing social with the Tangs before we move.

For those of you who haven't heard, we're moving to Boston at the end of the summer!

Edie's First Steps

So, I'm finally posting this video of Edie's first steps. It was like a month ago...kinda old news, but still fun to watch. She's really improved since then. This was in Mexico at my Grandmother's house. Nate and my cousin Cristina are her spotters. Her second attempt in this video is the best, so make sure and stay tuned!