A little over 3 months in review

We fixed our camera! So, here's our update:

Pictures of our camping trip in NH over the Independence Day weekend -

Edie did really great on the way to our campsite! I was so surprised she walked by herself the whole way AND was pleasant to be around. She refused to take a step the next day. So...Nate carried his pack (including all the heavy equipment) AND Edie. It was supposed to storm that whole weekend. We got a few sprinkles, but didn't see the storm until we were loading up our car. Whew!

Pictures from our trip to Stowe, VT for the hot air balloon festival -

summer randomness -

Wells at swim lessons


After a long night of hair pulling - it's how she shows affection

An action packed visit from Carrie and Tyler
Ariel - made by the clown at Nate's company picnic
(love the seashells!)

Pioneer Day Activity -

The new house!!

Lobster from our generous new neighbors!! They have a trap in Gloucester and have given us close to 15 lobsters!

One day, Nate decided to take out our kitchen floor. We were so excited because we found the original wood floors underneath!

Then, Linda told us that the old linoleum could be toxic - so we closed off the kitchen and tried to take make the best of a nasty situation.

We were no longer happy.
Nate had to take out the wood floors and replaced it with a subfloor to get by for now.
So much for the wood floors!
Sorry for our absence. We'll keep you posted on all our upcoming house projects.