Papa John came to town

My dad flew in from Idaho on Oct. 30. He could only stay for two days, so every moment was action packed!

First, we visited the Minuteman Museum and walked the trail.

It was a beautiful day!

This is supposedly the exact location where Paul Revere was stopped by the British on his run.

After lunch and shopping in Concord, we visited Walden Pond. I love this picture. My dad looks just like Thoreau.

This is a replica of his cabin.

That night was trick-or-treating, and of course we dragged my dad along! We were hoping for a costume, but I guess after 60 it's not acceptable.

The next day we ventured downtown to walk to Freedom Trail. We made a quick stop at the carousel and park at Frog Pond.

Lunch at The Oyster House and shopping at Fanueil Hall.

We eventually made it to Mike's Pastry and got one of good!

Two days with no naps was a little risky, but the kids did great! Edie almost made it to the end of the trail.

That night we played with play-do. Nate made a Red Coat. Edie made a blue mountain. I made a turkey and a ballerina and Dad made a boy rolling a ball.

We had a blast! We slept REALLY well those nights: utter exhaustion.

Hope you can come again soon, Dad!

Kanoodle Turkeys 2008

Allison: The slug

Edie: Ballerina

Mandy: Miss American Turkey
(In honor of Carrie)

Nate: Richard Simmons Sweatin'

We calculate that in 10 more years, we will have approximately 73; in 20, we'll have 143.*
*Calculations require our children to continue turkey construction even after high school graduation.