Fall Festivities

Ward Halloween Party

"Shiver me timbers! My mom 'as made me a cross dresser!"

(Sorry, you'll have to watch this video while laying down - I took the video sideways.)

scarfing down worm-filled cupcakes

(An American Family)

Nate's Work Party

Ian and Edie bond over candy

candy and crafts at SSCI

Clifford visits Stoneham Library

How we get around town when Nate takes the double stroller to work
(in the trunk).

Edie and Nora

Edie's swoons and stares at Clifford's signature in her book while Nora screams with delight. You should've seen the other kids too! Clifford is such a dreamboat. Can you blame them?

This year I made:
1. Tutus
2. Flowers for Edie's hair
3. Allison's pirate shirt, eye patch, belt, and shoes
4. Nate's mustard cap
5. An i love N8 shirt, which I'll have to post later
(Look Ana, I can be crafty too)

Nate made his own mustard costume - AWESOME!!!
The coolest thing is, he made it at the church, 20 minutes before the party started! He's such an engineer!

And no, I didn't make the hotdog...I borrowed it from my neighbor.

Please, positive feedback only.

Breaking News...2 weeks late

Dinky Nomie O., the beloved lifelong companion of Edith Jane Knoebel, died Saturday, October 11, 2008. Formerly known as binky, Dinky Nomie O. received its new, endearing title nearly one year after beginning its devoted relationship with Edie.
Dinky and Edie spent every day together. Not a nap or night went by that Dinky did not selflessly aid its companion drift to sleep. Dinky spent most of its life in Edie's mouth, as well as some occasional moments on the floor and other various germ-infested locations. Dinky served as a friend, bribe, and comforter.
You will be missed.

View here for highlights from the funeral:

Edie seems to have recovered quickly. We thought nights would be a nightmare. But, she has taken the loss like a man. She hasn't even turned to fingers or thumbs.

She has asked about what the binky will grow into. I think she's hoping for a binky tree.

I Made Tutus

I wanted to make one for Edie, for Halloween. But I ended up with extra tulle, so I whipped one out for the little one too. They were fun to make, so I'll probably end up making one in every color.

In other news, she has started pulling herself up on things, such as this bed, the oven drawer, and the stairs. Hmmm.

Allison REALLY likes to wear her tutu.
(Edie took this picture - Genius!)

I tried to make it so she could still get around.

When Edie finishes her chore chart, she's getting a new leotard - which we were going to buy for her anyway...for Halloween. It's good to make her work for things, right.

All this ballet get-up is making me want to live my dreams through my daughters. I've been daydreaming of them as professional ballerinas all day. Better get crackin'!

Funny Videos

Ian and Edie were supposed to be sleeping when Joe and Jen came over to watch the VP debate. Needless to say, there was no sleeping.

This is what happens when Edie skips her nap.

Funny Pictures

Edie drew this triangle all by herself and was so excited to show me.

Playing dress-up with all the new clothes from Mei-Li

Dress-up, continued

Nater-tot (Edie took this)

Speak no evil

Hiking in style

How Edie eats a donut

When Jack slept over

Spot visits the library

Twins from head to toe