THANKS TO EVERYONE FOR SHARING THIS TIME WITH US! We just wanted to share some pictures and video from the past two weeks. It was hard to decide what to post because we're...well...both indecisive.

First, let's compare newborn pictures of Edie and Allison. Although their eyes are closed, they have definite similarities (hair, face shape, chubby arms, etc.)

EDIE (2 wks.)

ALLISON (1 1/2 wks.)

Mom and Ana were both able to come out. They've totally spoiled Edie with attention. And they've read...

and read...

and read.

Edie and Allison are already best friends. They play together all the time...supervised.

Edie likes to poke and prod at important things like Allison's eyes or body slam her when giving kisses.

Mom got the girls cute matching outfits so we tried to play Sarah Ward and have a photo shoot. This is the best we could do:

We need help, Sarah!

And now for some videos:

Edie being cute.

We'd like to dedicate this next video to our friends Mike and Stephanie (who've also recently welcomed a new one into the world):

Thank you for the recipe! Please note that Ana ate and thoroughly enjoyed the egg rolls. They were delicious!

Allison waking up from a nap.

More, more water show.

This is Ana and Edie dancing. Please note that no other spectator was dancing. Ana was very bold.

Then, Edie wouldn't rest until everyone was dancing.

Edith Meets Allison

Allison was born yesterday (March 4, 2008)! As any self-respecting father in such circumstances I have assumed the position of backup blogger.

Things could not have gone smoother at least from my point of view. Mandy spent most of her labor sewing a new blanket. Her contractions got strong just after our 1 mile hospital commute which naturally took about an hour as we debated important issues such as whether the camera was packed and where Edith should sleep. After our arrival, Mandy was given an epidural and her water was broken which really set things motion.

At the next visit (40 min later) the doctor asked "are you ready to have this baby". Neither Mandy or I believed him until he got out his equipment. Four pushes later (one of which was a laugh) Allison came out like she had been greased with butter. Mandy was walking around in no time.

In the meantime Mandy's mom flew into town (who was gratefully picked up by Mandy's cousin Chad). As for Edith, she had the slumber party of a lifetime with her friend Nora. Apparently the two of them would not go to bed for all of their giggling and song singing. Later the next morning after a sad (and emotional) parting with Nora (and Nora's toys) Edith met Allison.

I taped the occasion

Edith likes to count toes if you can't tell (three, four, six, nine, ten...). Note that Edie found the emergency cord (and of course set the alarm).

We are so grateful that everyone is healthy and that Allison is finally here!