Carrie got married!!!

sealed 8-8-08

Kanoodles are #1

no alcohol was present at the reception

jess, dad, and mom

Edie the sweetie

josh, kate, and little kai'a venture to the mainland

jess, dad, and mom

the wind was messing up my hair

Carrie battles the wind

should we be smiling or freaking out??

Springville Art Museum

Carrie with nieces:
Edie, Kalia, Allison, Kai'a, and Maddy

Mom made this dress

"Summer of Knoebels"

As the back-up (with everyone on a fun vacation but me) I'm filling in once again, to give you the "Summer of Knoebels". This post is huge and probably a bit of a sensory overload. However, I figure nothing can be worse than Mandy's last post with that wonderful picture of me "front and center". At this time, while we are on the subject, I would like take a moment to publicly apologize to those seeking pictures and videos of cute kids only to find my sorry self again and again for over a month.

Well enough of the chatting, as I'm sure you are not here for my commentary. I present to you the "Summer of Knoebels".

I figure a picture of my beautiful wife is always a good place to start.

That was one of our first radishes from the garden or "small jungle". Edith really likes to try the vegetables although she says that they are all "too spicy". She does a good job propping up her sister.

These plants are all now twice this size and fighting for a good spot of sun. Other than gardening we have kept ourselves very busy with ...

camping trips (actually sleeping with 15+ ticks in this case),

picking (or eating) strawberries,

learning that our last name is not "Kanodo" (over some strawberry short cake of course),

learning to use the camera (this is one of my favorites),

playing the guitar to "twinkle little star" (which should always include a dramatic ending),

visiting Grandma K

and Grandpa K,

riding the famous "Hiawatha" (which I discovered has a fake paddle, what a childhood let down),

learning not to be scared on cool rides at Knoebel's Grove,

visiting Grandpa K's animal hospital,

making friends with cousins,

dancing with Dad,

learning to sit,

screaming in the car (with broken air conditioning),

camping with Tally (Dora lanterns are the best for exploring),

and watching cool hot-air balloons at 6:00 in the morning (after a restful sleep with two crazy kids in a two man tent).

This concludes the "Summer of Knoebels". I hope that I have been able to make things up to all of you (you don't need to scroll down any further).