The sunroom

Images from start to almost-finish. We still need to finish the trim and install the new ceiling fans. But at least we can use our stove now!

Finally...the new house

I think I've been prolonging this post because the house still needs lots of sprucing up. But, I made some promises that I must keep. So, here is our the midst of unpacking, minor renovation, and future projects.

This house is in the middle of Springville, about a 10 minute walk from my mom's, yet boasts large, mature trees, creating a private cottage in the woods. The house was built in 1947.
We plan on cleaning up the yard quite a bit in the spring.

Nate's shop, complete with wood shed in rear.

The quirky thing about this house is that the legal entrance is the back door. We are still searching for a remedy. We're open to ideas.

We have 6/10 of an acre. Here you can see the garden area.

Here's a shot of the overgrown orchard just beyond our property line that we are attempting to acquire.
I'm not sure what's up with the spray paint on the garage door. Our garage has doors on both the north and south sides. I'm not sure about that either. There's a bonus room about the garage that is finished. I forgot to get a picture of that, but we're planning on turning it into a dance studio, complete with a ballet bar.

The house came with a neighbor girl.

This is unfortunately not my kitchen aid. We're just babysitting it for Carrie while she's off doing the hula. (I've been keeping it very clean, Carrie. And the kids are scared of it, so they won't be breaking it.)

After we paint and replace the floors in this room, it will be ours. This door will lead out to our future hot tub:

And now, the sunroom. Cute, right? Well, not cute enough for us. It seemed a little too rustic. Unfortunately, I don't have any "after" pictures because we haven't quite reached that point. But, here are some pictures along the way:

I stacked this wood pile (oh yeah!!),
while Nate planted our 10 fruit trees.

I thought this picture was funny. The girls were trying to watch a movie, but Nate's router was too loud.
My siblings may recall a similar picture of me. She's ravishing in her Barbie t-shirt!!

Thanks for enduring the long post. We look forward to visitors at our new house. MA friends, please know how homesick we are for you. But we are also surprisingly happy here in Zion.