Allison's blanket

Ok, so Nate bought me my very first sewing machine for my birthday...very early because I have lots to do in the next 5 weeks.

My first priority is Allison's baby blanket. All I've done so far is cut the pieces and lay them out in the anticipated pattern, as shown below:

Next, I have to figure out how to use the machine. Wish me luck! If the blanket looks good when it's all done, I'll post some pictures.

Edie Models New Dress Made by Grandma Knoebel

Belated Christmas Update

Every Christmas Eve, we put on the annual Christmas pageant. Here are Jess and Edie, the poor shepherds.

This is the complete cast: Mandy, as Mary...large with child; Carrie, the donkey; Nate, Joseph; Grandmother, a lifelike angel; Mata, the flock of sheep; Jess and Edie, shepherds; Mom, the innkeeper/wisemen

Edie's Christmas dreams came true when she got her new doll from Prague (I think) from Grandpa Mike. It plays a cute tune of Jingle Bells. Luck would have it that Kalia would receive a similar doll dressed in a Christmas outfit that plays the wedding march!

Christmas Day was wonderful! Grandma and Edie made dinner while the rest of us did nothing.

Luckily, they let us eat it anyway. DELICIOUS!
Note: Carrie was VERY excited

One day, we dressed Edie up in her cutest get-up, complete with a new flower for her hair and a purse (given to her by Steve and Anna). She had to look cute because Steph and Mike were coming over. They are very judgmental about appearances.

Another day, we dressed Edie up again. Jess was having a great time displaying her newly acquired hairdressing and make-up skills. Also, she got her first post-beauty school job at a Salon in Pleasant Grove! If anyone is Utah reads this blog and wants to look HOT, give Jess a call at Aspen Salon.

When we got back to Mass, Nate picked up my Christmas present and put it together all by himself. This is my dream bed, which I thought we would never own. It was quite a surprise!

While in Utah, we also met Carrie's boyfriend, Tyler. Great guy! They obviously like each other a lot because they got engaged this past weekend! Looks like we'll be heading back west this June! CONGRATS!
Wish we had a picture!