A Tribute to My Ball and Chain

Today is March 6th, the 4 year anniversary of my first date with Nate. Many of you were on that date. Let me call your minds to an evening of Tepanyaki, policemen, and rockets...in that order.

But, the real magic started about a month before when we were reunited at the Wash Hut.

A power from on High had messed with our means of cleaning our clothes, which led us both to the aforementioned laundromat for the first time in our lives at exactly the same time. It had been about 7 years since our last interaction, so it took us awhile before we recognized each other. When my roommate and I parted that evening, I remember telling her, "I think that was for a reason." I felt an Almighty hand in that experience.

So, I did what most people would do in that situation: I called on the powers of the stalker-net (and he did the same). He nearly joined the Robinson Family water polo team and we also met briefly at my apartment. And then, on a memorable birthday, I received a phone call from Nate inviting me on a date for that Saturday. I was taken aback by the official date because of a girlfriend that I seemed to recall him being committed to.

That Saturday, March 6, 2005, Nate and I went on our first date. No one else found much success that night, except for maybe Jason and Heather, as they were already married. But Nate and I hit it off. He was all I ever wanted. And...he later broke up with his girlfriend. Love you, Nate!

A Wash Hut proposal

A Toxic dance