apple/peach picking

Well, we succumbed to the local agricultural tourism scam in hopes of embracing the coming season.

Edie REALLY loved it, as you can see from the following video:

So, we gave her some fruit snacks to calm her down and it seemed to work.

Allison was perfect, of course, except for consuming some grass.

Edie took this picture of Nate. He seems to frequently talk on his cell during family outings. But, in this case it was good because he was getting apple advice from his expert father.

Unfortunately, the apples turned out to kinda be gross, so Nate's mom helped us make and can applesauce. So much fun!

The peaches, on the other hand, were delicious! Expensive and delicious!! I tried my hand at freezer jam and failed miserably. But, we can always use it as peach syrup :)

Tangs, con't

I forgot to post these from the trip. Aren't they cute!

A trip to Bangor, Maine with Jason and Heather Tang

Jason (Nate's ex-roommate) and Heather flew in from HI to visit Jason's parents in Bangor. So...we tagged along. And we're glad we did because we had a pretty darn good time!

Here's us with the 4 kids. One's still in the oven.

This is Bangor's claim to fame: Stephen King's house

Notice the spiderweb ironwork.

Jason's mom charitably offered to watch Ashlyn and Edie while the rest of us drove to Bar Harbor. They apparently had a memorable time at the park, library, and grocery store (the favorite activity being screaming down the aisles driving a truck grocery cart).

Meanwhile, here's Allison waiting for her lobster.

And Nate - BFF

We later got real ice cream.

Cadillac Mountain
where Megan Lindsay and I watched the first sunrise of the new millennium.
I didn't get any pictures of Jason's parents, but they are pretty awesome.
They shared all of their ancient family Chinese food recipes with us, as well as some newer vitamixer ones.

In closing, here are Ashlyn and Edie being best friends.

FYI: Jason is a sportscaster on Oahu. That's why we're still friends with him - because he has an impressive occupation.

We miss you, Tangs!