Memorial Day

On the holiday when most families spend their time at the lake or hiking or doing something fun, Edie and I sat at home. Yes, Nate worked all day. He left the house at 4 a.m. to start preparing for a demo at work. The cool thing...later, he was filmed by the Discovery Channel-Canada and will be starring in a documentary! I always knew Nate would be a star.

Luckily, at 5 p.m., Matt and Regen rescued us from our lame holiday and took us up Provo Canyon for a cookout. As we drove through the canyon, our evening sadly looked dim. None of us had ever seen the place so crowded. It looked hopeless. All our hamburgers, hotdogs, and sausages seemed doomed to spoil. We were all so surprised when Matt dove out of the car with Vee-like reflexes, racing a poor couple hauling a stroller, to claim the one and only empty grill. Thanks to years of competing with his 4 brothers, Matt won the competition and sent the other little family sulking back to their car. Matt had saved the day!

Here are some pictures of our lame day turned golden!

Our sanctuary

It's cream soda.

Matt and Regen brought Edie the greatest invention ever.

Looking good Regen! Only 1 summer to go!

Edie's first smore.

The Tulip Festival

On April 28, the Knoebel fam drove north to Thanksgiving Point for the annual Tulip Festival. Nate and I went last year for the first time and fell in love with the secret haven. We thought it'd be a good trip for little Edie. We were right! She tried to eat every tulip she could get her hands on. I'm excited for that stage to be over. Nevertheless, we had a blast! We spent about 4 hours walking around the different themed gardens; most of that time was spent begging other guests to take our picture (my idea, not Nate's). Here are some of our favorites:

On the way to the car, Edie fell asleep. Can pollen consumption put you to sleep?

Spring Break

When the long awaited break from school hit, we decided to venture north to the quaint metropolis of Salmon, Idaho. We visited Hyde Creek Ranch, a fully functioning goat ranch, just in time for kidding season. Edie fit right in with all the baby goats. She also rode on her first 4-wheeler. Nate was busy working on his final finals during the trip, but was able to take an occasional break to eat or play with goats. One night, Carrie ate some raw pork that my dad guaranteed was ok and nearly died! Well, after some sleep and pepto, she seemed to be able to survive it. Enjoy the pictures...and if you'd like to see more, feel free to visit our photo album.