This one's for you, Jason.

We've been to the beach 3 times so far this season. Love it!

Rockport, MA

Rockport, MA
(We were too chicken to try a new beach when Nate's parents came to town.)
Let's just say Edie was occupied all night with these clam shells.

Good Harbor Beach
Gloucester, MA

*Sorry, no pics. But, we did bury Allison in the sand and shape her legs like a mermaid tail. Some sand was consumed.

We went with the Malstroms, the Bishop's family, so I was able to ditch the kids and show the world my body boarding skills (don't really have them).
Edie hated the water at first; she pretty much hated anything that involved not being safely tucked away in my arms.
Somehow, Greta worked her magic and soon she and Edie were playing like sand crabs in the sand and water.
Later, I caught Edie kneeling in the middle of the beach and saying, "Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for the beach. Thank you for the water. Thank you for the sand. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen."
I guess that meant she liked it.


Our friends, Mike and Stephanie, had the most fantastic garden last year. We were envious all summer long. So, this year we decided to try our hand at gardening. We've been experimenting with different techniques so that next year it will be even better.

Here are some of our tiny seedlings: beets, cubanelles, poblanos, anaheims, sunflowers.

Edie's nursery leader had them plant these peas at church. It got so big that we've had to transplant it twice. We finally took it outside and now it's not doing so hot (see video below).

We're sharing this plot with our neighbors. It's small, but we hope it will do the job.

Here's our botanist.

Recent footage.

You can see how much our pepper plant has grown in comparison to the one we left in the plastic. Don't worry, the runt has made it's way to the garden.

We are loving it so far. We can't wait to get those tomatoes off the vine and into our mouths. Edie is fascinated too by the growth...and worms. She's great with a watering can as well.

June 4, 2008

Our Allison is
3 months old

Allison's first road trip

We had so much fun on our weekend trip to PA over Mother's Day weekend. It seems like I never get enough pictures though to cover all the details. We got to finally meet Elyse and spend time with Matt, Regen, and Kenley, who were visiting from WA. Jon came up from State College too. We're really looking forward to the time when all the Knoebel boys move back home ;)

Can you tell which baby is mine? Neither can I.

Grandma K., Mom K., and Nate enjoying a delicious cookout.

Mini Nate, Mini Matt, Mini Jeremy, and Dad K.

I love this video!!

The kids played so hard they couldn't keep their eyes open...
and neither could the dogs.

As a final note, Nate was injured at the family baseball game and received three stitches. As of now, he has fully recovered.