I think my favorite thing about this picture is that their real eyes are about the same size.

*Foam eyes courtesy of the MacDonald family

Thanksgiving '08

We'd like to introduce our blog readers to the newest addition to our Family:

the TV stand.

Nate used not one single nail on this project. He's quite the skilled woodworker.

We've titled the table The $1,000 TV Stand, as the purchases of some necessary tools were required for completion.

Soon after construction, we ventured on our cross-country road trip to PA and IN to visit the Knoebels and Smiths.

We discovered that Adam has been using some shady potty-training tactics with Jack

Grammy's surgery was successful, but watching her endure the aftermath was painful! Nevertheless, we're sooo excited for her!

Soon after, we drove 10+ hours to Indiana. We received some terrific news only 1 hour prior to our arrival that Silas had gotten a job! Not just any job, mind you, but an awesome one managing the assembly of diabetic kits! We
celebrated every day we were there by going out to dinner.

My personal favorite was Skyline - moment of silence for all you OCMers.

Ana also brought her work home.

We enjoyed a fabulous Thanksgiving dinner. Nate made a lemon meringue pie from scratch. Ana made everything else. Oh, Ana's friend made rolls and potatoes...and Ana made everything else. Oh, Linda made a delicious broccoli casserole, but didn't serve it until the next day...and Ana made everything else.

Which brings me to the biggest reunion of our trip:
We saw Linda and Heather!!!

Linda is my Dad's sister and Heather is her daughter...so my Aunt and cousin.

I haven't seen my Aunt since I was 13. We'd talking about getting together for so long; it was great to finally catch up and reminisce.

Here are all the kids:

It was sad to say goodbye, but great to know that the Smith family can now make online purchases guilt-free. Congrats again, Silas.

After returning to PA, the Knoebel fam met Santa Claus at the mall. We waited in a line that was surprisingly not too long. As soon as the family in front of us exited Santa's lap, Edie RACED up to him and screamed, "I WANT A BALL!!!" Well, Santa didn't know what to think because he usually gets to ask first. So then, they didn't really have much to say.

And Allison, well, she didn't want anything, because she's just perfect.

Edie's most favorite activity of our entire trip was riding the merry-go-round with Grandpa. He took her twice.

Now, on to Christmas! Happy Holidays everyone!